Get an overview of your obligations with the data checklist for adopters.

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Page last reviewed: 13 Jan 2023

Technology adoption: using health and care data

Reviewed by: Health and Care IG Panel

You may need to use health and care data during the adoption of the technology. Often this cannot be anonymous data because that would be inappropriate for achieving the clinical or care environment validation of the performance and safety of your technology.

When using personal data, remember that you need to have a lawful basis for doing so under data protection legislation (see step 4 of complying with the UK GDPR). The disclosure of any confidential patient and service-user information to you as an adopter (when you do not work as part of the direct care team) will also need to have a lawful basis under the common law duty of confidentiality. How to process health and care data When processing personal data related to health and care provision, you need to follow the requirements of:

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