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Supporting the development and adoption of AI and data-driven technologies in health and care. Our partners include:

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About this service

Artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies have the potential to deliver extraordinary benefits for health and social care.

Regulators set safety standards for these technologies. But it can be difficult to understand the regulations or know which ones apply to a specific technology.

This website is for people who develop or plan to use AI or a digital technology in health and social care. It brings together regulations, guidance and resources for digital healthcare technologies. The goal is to help increase the uptake of safe, effective and value-adding AI and digital technologies across health and social care services.

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How to use this website

If you are a developer, use the website to understand what regulations you need to meet and when. The developers’ guidance page is the best place to start your journey.

If you are an adopter, use the website to help you feel confident about using digital technologies in your health or care service. The adopters’ guidance page is the best place to start.

If you need advice about regulation or evaluation of a digital healthcare technology, use our advice services page to get help.

About us

This website was created to support development and use of AI and data-driven technologies in health and social care.

It is a collaboration between 4 organisations. These are the organisations and what we do:

We also work closely with the NHS Innovation Service.

This project is funded by the NHS AI Lab.

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